It helps to be the big boat in collisions

2002 Onion Patch Race. Swift 44′ leading Oli-Oli 44′, Canvasback 49′, Ptarmigan 49′ & Chippewa 68′ into the windward mark. Chippewa may have rights over Ptarmingan, but not the other 3. But they are committed, and force their boat into a situation that they can’t get out of. About 40′ past the mark, Chippewa (9 knots)hits the stern of Swift (6.5 Knots), hooks the backstay on Swift, spins Swift around and takes out Swift’s mast. Chippewa then procedes to then hit Oli-Oli doing some damage to the side of the boat. No damage to Chippewa.
It helps to be the big boat in collisions.

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