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David Bowie & Bing Crosby - Little Drummer Boy - MyVideo

- I sing too.
- Oh, gooood, what kind of singing?
- Oh, mostly the contemporary stuff, do you like my music?
- Oh, I think it´s marvellous!

:D absurd dialogue



those were the days

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Mellow piano music – three instruments representing melody (boat speed), harmony (wind angle) and tempo (wind speed), filled the air.

OBO (Open Boat Orchestra) Generation 1 playing a file from the Artemis IMOCA 60 during the Sevenstar Round Britain Race July 2010. The venue on this occasion was Richard's Tinley's work bench at Tinley Marine Electronics in Lymington. Shot by film-maker Richard Gooderick with sound recorded by Mark Ty-Wharton.

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ash scattering ceremony

Captain Raf and Duke are taking out a group of tourists on their 40' sailboat for an ash scattering ceremony in Waikiki Harbor when a huge set rolls into the channel, outside the harbor buoy. With no time to avoid the waves, Captain Raf faces the swell head-on while Duke holds onto the mast for dear life!

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