Keith Brash from Quantum TV continues to impress, even when he's not the one behind the camera. He edited this one with footage that Phil "Bloodsie" Jameson shot from a complete race in which Q just happened to walk away from the fleet en route to their close win of their second-ever TP 52 world title.
Brash compressed 50-odd minutes into just 9.

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54.10 kn

13 Oct 2010 : It's Official - 1 New World Speed Sailing Record and 5 New National Records in 1 day!

Alex Caizergues has officially set a new World Speed Sailing Record at 54.10 knots during his 1st run at 15h38 yesterday afternoon.

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Captain Calamity

A hapless sailor named 'Captain Calamity' has destroyed his catamaran after flipping it for the 13th time while attempting to ride Britain's biggest wave.
Glenn Crawley, 55, has repeatedly flipped his catamaran 'Mischief' and cost the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) £30,000 in a string of rescues.

The retired electrician and engineer began sailing the boat in 2003 and was forced to dial 999 three times in the first year alone. Since then RNLI crews have been called out on a further nine occasions after Mr Crawley's catamaran turned over, at a cost of at least £2,500 per rescue.

Officials have pleaded with him to give up sailing, with local coastguards calling him 'Captain Calamity'.

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