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"Unbelievable footage from onboard the Luna Rossa AC72, minutes after the finish of Race 4 of the Louis Vuitton Cup finals. Helmsman Chris Draper comments on the disastrous start and admits his watch was “four seconds slow”!!!
[...] Mr. Bertelli, call Russell Coutts to give you some nice TAG Heuer watches or even Grant Dalton for some cool Omega time keeping instruments, go through the remaining three final races and then throw Chris Draper to the lions in Rome’s Colosseum!"

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"TVNZ yachting commentator Martin Tasker has apologised for remarks accidentally streamed online when a microphone was left open during this morning's Americas Cup coverage. The veteran journalist reportedly said he intended to 'do that Jewish woman tonight' while chatting with fellow commentator Peter Lester.
TVNZ's Megan Richards says Mr Tasker has explained the remark was made in reference to setting up an interview with an Israeli journalist. She says he accepts that in the context of the conversation, that could have been misinterpreted. In a statement, Martin Tasker says he's very embarrassed and apologetic and regrets the concern the remark has caused. www.nzherald.co.nz


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Photograph by: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

"Yep. Broken. Wing control. America’s Cup. Guidos. Race 3. Nice. But, then to add insult to injury, the next race was cancelled because the wind was over 19.4 knots. Holy christ, maybe they should lower the maximum wind speed to about 8 true, cancel all the races and forget this thing ever happened…
Oh, and remember when the Kiwis had an “electrics” issue in their DNF the other day? The problem? We hear they plain forgot to charge their batteries the night before. D’oh!"



boat of the day: "night and day"

Sechs JPK 10.10 unter den ersten elf !

Fastnet Race: Overall Results

For the first time in its 88 year history, the Rolex Fastnet Race has been won by a doublehanded crew. The father and son team of Pascal and Alexis Loison from Cherbourg, France on the JPK 10.10, Night and Day, arrived at 07:19:57 BST this morning making their elapsed time 3 days 18 hours 29 minutes and 57 seconds for the 611 mile race. Winning the overall IRC prize in the Rolex Fastnet Race means that Pascal Alexis Loisin will receive the Fastnet Challenge Cup as well as a Rolex Chronograph.