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The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing started its third and final leg racing today with its Inshore Series in Narragansett Bay. Heading into today #54 -- Dragon was tied for first with #106 -- Gryphon Solo 2. #54 Dragon was leading the first race of the day en route to the first mark when they hit a rock just off Jamestown. Emma Creighton, their bowman, was launched into the water, but was quickly retrieved. The team withdrew from the race and motored back to the Newport Shipyard to assess the damage. Upon pulling the boat out of the water they discovered major damage to the keel box and have withdrawn from the remainder of the inshore series.

TP52 - Capri - Final Day


Finn Athlets

Finn European Championship 2014 
Sailed in La Rochelle, France, in May 2014, in winds of over 20 knots, this was filmed using stern cameras on each Finn. Giles Scott had already won the championship but went on the lead round the medal race for a seventh race win that week. Vasilij Zbogar did just enough to win the silver while Ed Wright (whose camera failed to work) took the bronze. 


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Pinnipèdes from Victor Caire on Vimeo.
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